General Psychology (SS):

Social Studies General Education Requirement

My Signature Assignment for General Psychology is the power point I created for my group project. Our topic was on “Intelligence”. We discussed how intelligence is a hypothetical property and that it is a very heritable trait. Also included in our presentation was the creation of the IQ test and how to properly measure one’s IQ. Another topic was the different types of intelligence, like fluid or crystallized. My partner during this presentation was Stephanie Knapton.

Here is my power point presentation:

Intelligence Presentation


This assignment taught my many things–especially in relation to intelligence.

Not only in relation to intelligence, however, but to psychology, as a whole. I learned that

intelligence does not measure what most people believe it does, but actually your aptitude in

school/a career–or how likely you are to succeed. Another thing I was surprised to find

out is that monozygotic twins are far more likely to share a similar IQ than

fraternal twins or siblings are. This assignment either taught me

something new, or furthered information I already knew.   

* * * * *

I can apply this information to my life easily because of my interest in

a career in psychology. I also hope to be able to continue learning more about psychology

every day. In conclusion, the information I learned about this topic was

both vastly different than what I had first imagined I would learn

and also very interesting. I am certain this knowledge

has a place in my life–current and future. 



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